Facilities for Female Prisoners

Female prisoners confined in the Punjab Jails are kept in safe and secure environment of Female Wards whcih are exclusively managed and controlled by the female staff. Lady Deputy Superintendent is the Incharge of the Female Ward. The custody of female prisoners is maintained with care and humanity. Female wards have carts, TV sets, exclusive health facilities including female doctors, vocational training centres and schools for children accompanying their mothers. Female prisoners are allowed to keep their children with them till they attain the age of six years under Rule 326 of PPR 1978. Hygienic food is being provided to all female prisoners on daily basis under Rule 489 of PPR 1978.

The Woman Medical Officers pay special attention to the diet of pregnant female prisoners and recommend special diet scale to include fresh milk, vegetables and fruits. The quantity is as under:

  • Milk (700grams)
  • Fresh Fruit (233grams)
  • Fresh Vegetables (233grams)

Children Confined with Female Prisoners

The facilities provided to the children confined with female prisoners are as under:

  • Religious teachers are deputed for imparting religious learning
  • Primary schools are also functioning in female wards
  • Recreational facilities i.e. cradle, caroms board, luddo, etc.
  • Iron beds have also been arranged for children through local philanthropists
  • Television sets are available in female wards
  • Air coolers and electric waters cooler are being provided in summer

NGOs Working for Welfare

Following NGOs are working for the welfare of female prisoners and their children:

  • Khubaib Foundation, Islamabad
  • SPARK, Islamabad
  • Women Aid Trust, Islamabad
  • AGHS Free Legal Cell, Lahore
  • Rahai Education & Vocational Institute, Lahore