Educational Activities

Education and learning through formal and informal means is of pivotal importance especially for the prisoners who can make use of the available time while in custody to enhance their knowledge, improve their qualifications and groom their personalities by engaging themselves in constructive activities. There is a comprehensive system of imparting religious education to prisoners, functioning in the Punjab Jails for decades. Prisoners are also facilitated to get themselves enrolled for different examinations and the concerned jails are declared as their centres for taking such exams. The religious classes are conducted on regular basis. At some jails, formal education classes are also conducted and the prisoners have access to books and relevent reading materials. The poor prisoners are provided with the syllabus books with the help of local philanthropists. They are allowed to appear in examinations at different levels by the jail administration. The following courses are being offered for the prisoners:

  • Matric, F.A, B.A, M.A.
  • Nazra Quran, Hifz Quran
  • Language Courses, Adeeb Urdu
  • Punjabi Fazal, Urdu Fazal
  • Al-Lisan-ul-Arabic, Hifz-ul-Quran, Tarjam-ul-Quran
  • Computer Short Course

Literacy Centres

Literacy Centres at Central Jails of Bahawalpur, D.G. Khan, Mianwali, Rawalpindi & Multan have been established with the help of Literacy and Non Formal Education Department. To view the details of books available in jail libraries, click here.

Education Remission

List of total numbers of prisoners who were awarded education remissions, click here.