Women Jail, Multan

Women Jail Multan was commissioned in 1973-74 and area of Jail is 08 acre 05 kanal, area of Jail colony 02 acre. The authorized accommodation of the Jail is 166 prisoners whereas 94 prisoners are confined here.
Superintendent Jail Syeda Umber Naqvi
Phone (061) 4234784
Fax (061) 4234784
Email womenjailmultan.multan@gmail.com  


Sports & Recreation

Color TV has been made available in jail barracks including hospital so that each and every prisoner should have recreational facilities. Indoor games like luddo, carrom board game is available for the prisoners. Swings are available for the children of Women Prisoners. Library is also available for the purpose but most of the prisoner are illiterate jail administration is trying to educate the maximum population and motivating them for studying books available in jail library. Religious and literary books are available in jail library for their entertainment and reformation. Storybooks, TV, CD players and cartoon movies, swings, merry-go-reound and seesaw are also available for the children of women prisoners. Nursery for children of women prisoners is established inside the jail where TV, CD player and cartoon movies are available for their entertainment. Small chairs and tables are also available for the children and games and drawing are painted on these tables. Stuff toys are also provided in nursery for children.

Rehabilitation Center

Cellular Block behind the jail Hospital is specified as drug rehabilitation center, which is equipped with necessary articles. However no female drug addicts prisoners is confined in this jail at present but the treatment facilities are available for the drug addicts

Medical Services

A well-equipped beded Hospital is available inside the Jail, Labour room, laboury and medicines store also exist in Jail Hospital. Sufficient quantity of medicines is also available in medicines store. L.HV, Mid wife, Nursing Orderly are available to provide health care facilities to the female inmates. ECG, Ultrasound Machine are available and in function whereas Dental Chair has been provided to the Jail which will be installed very soon. The necessary facilities for the treatment of patient prisoners are available in Jail Hospital. Cellular Block behind the jail Hospital is specified as drug rehabilitation center. However no female drug addicts prisoners is confined in this jail at present.  


Religious education is being imparted to the female prisoners by a Lady teacher from Jamiat Taleem-ul- Quaran Trust. Taleem-ul-Quarn courses, Nazra Quran, Kalma, Tihart, Misal Nimaz are learned by the female inmates. One room inside the Jail is specified as literary center where chairs, tables and black board is available to provide educational environment to female prisoners. After the retirement of Lady teacher a well educated female warder is deputed as school incharge inorder to educate the female inmates and their children along with their convicted mothers basic concept of reading and writing are taught to the female prisoners. However Most of the female inmates confined are illiterate in the Jail. Dars, based on Islamic education, ethics and morality is delivered to the female inmates once in a week on each Tuesday for their better moral brought up.

Visitors Schedule

Monday Undertrial & Convicted Prisoners
Tuesday Undertrial & Convicted Prisoners
Wednesday Undertrial & Convicted Prisoners
Thursday Unconfirmed Condemned Prisoners & Confirmed Condemned Prisoners
Friday Undertrial & Convicted Prisoners
Saturday Undertrial & Convicted Prisoners