Central Jail, Gujranwala

Central Jail, Gujranwala was commissioned in 1883. The authorized accommodation of the Jail is 913 prisoners whereas 3109 prisoners are confined here.


Superintendent Jail Mr. Khalid Bashir
Phone: (055) 9200629
Fax: (055) 9200630
Email: cjailgujranwala@gmail.com



Sports & Recreation

Luddo and carrom board are provided to the Juveniles. Facility of volley ball is provided to all other prisoners.


Rehabilitation Center

All the prisoners are rehabilitated and reformed through religious teaching conducted by Religious Scholars.


Medical Services

All the basic medical services like X-ray, ECG machine are provided to the prisoners. A laboratory  has also been established  and  a good stock of medicines is also maintained for  the prisoners.



A Literacy Centre is established with the Cooperation of Social Welfare Department of Gujranwala . Another program  “Taleem-a-Balgan” is also offered for the prisoners. 

Visitors Schedule

Monday Un-Confirmed Condemned Prisoners + Convicted Prisoners
Tuesday Condemned+High Court Cases and Female Prisoners
Wednesday Undertrial Prisoners
Thursday Undertrial + Convicted Prisoners
Friday Condemned+Juveniles+Narcotics Cases+2Cell+Supreme Court Cases and female prisoners
Saturday General Interviews