Balanced Diet and Special Meal

A Nutrition plan has been implemented in the Punjab Jails for providing a balanced and nutritious diet to the prisoners three times a day. The Government of the Punjab has issued special directions to provide special meals during the holy month of Ramzan to all the inmates confined in the Punjab Jails. Standardization of food items including cooking oil, milk and tea etc has been got approved in consultation with the National Institute of Food Science & Technology University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.

Diet Menu

Diet Menu has been revised vide Notification No.SO (R&P 1.9/99 Vol-II dated 22, March, 2013 and No. (R&P) 1-9/99-III dated 30.05.2014 wherein per day expenditure of raw ration has been increased from Rs.50/- to Rs.59.61. Moreover, standardization has been made of dietary articles i.e Cooking Oil, Packed Milk and Tea Leaves etc.

Circulars were issued to the Superintendents of all Jails in the Punjab to ensure the quality / quantity of food items / meal. Live chicken is being slaughtered in the Jail premises under the supervision of the Deputy Superintendent, Medical Officer and representative of Live Stock Department for certification.

A Notification has been issued vide No. SO (R&P) 1-9/99 Vol-III dated 30.05.2014 wherein beef was replaced with chicken + white gram and chicken + dal gram due to following reasons:

  • Beef intake severely affects health of prisoners as beef served four times a week was abundant in cholesterol and fats as compared to the chicken meat. Moreover, serving high cholesterol beef to prisoners in diner may further aggravate health hazards, as inmates were unable to undertake any healthy and cholesterol consuming activity at nigh during their confinement in barracks / cells.
  • 06 contractors have been black-listed who failed to supply good quality dietary articles for inmates as per agreement deed and Pure Food Rules) on account of supply of inferior quality food for inmates.
  • 23 Storekeepers have been placed under suspension on account of failure to supply good quality food to the inmates & disciplinary proceedings were concluded against them.

Weekly Diet Menu








Monday   Roti, Tea   Chicken, White Gram and Roti  

Vegetable and Roti / Sweet Rice (2nd & 4th Monday of Every Month)

Tuesday   Roti, Tea   Vegetable and Roti   Chicken and Roti
Wednesday   Roti, Tea   Dal Mash and Roti   Chicken, Potato and Roti
Thursday   Roti, Tea   Chicken, Dal Gram and Roti  

Dal Gram (Rice) (1st Tuesday in Every Month) / Dal Gram and Roti

Friday   Roti, Tea   White Gram and Roti   Chicken and Roti
Saturday   Roti, Tea   Vegetable and Roti   Chicken and Roti
Sunday   Roti, Tea   Mix Dal (Moong,Masoor) and Roti   Beans and Roti

Ramzan Menu

Special diet, in addition to the ordinary menu, introduced in Ramzan-ul-Mubarak is mentioned below:

Sehri Diet Menu Ration + Tea
Aftari Diet menu Ration + Sherbat & Dates

Special Diet on Eid-ul-Fitr

Morning  Sweet Dish/ Sawayan
Midday Chicken and Roti
Evening Chicken, Roti and Rice

Special Diet on Eid-ul-Azha

Morning Sweet Dish/ Semolina (Suji)
Midday  Chicken and Roti
Evening Chicken, Roti and Rice